Project HighLights

Fast & Furious 8


Matte Painting + Matte Painting Supervision

Fast 8 was not a matte painting heavy project.
I supervised the DMP team to create mainly set extension and cleanups for our sequences.


Havana Race Sequence

The longest sequence we worked on, people removal, rig removal, set extensions etc.
Mainly my role was to supervise the team on creating seamless set extensions and cleanups.
For this sequence i did 4 shots where I had to clean plate and rebuild the cleaned up parts and project back. Wet wall extension for wave splash, some puddles on the side road.


Plate cleanup and FG/BG separation for car frash to the side walk.

This was a full CG shot that we had to build bg DMP, crashed side walk and ocean bed.

Hero shot of the sequence with a full clean and rebuild of the square so we can get rid of unwanted people and traffic and replace with CG crowd.


Airport environment

Airport chase sequence I used Terragen to generate the sky environment and we DMPed the distant buildings and lights.


Aerial cloud environment, Terragen to generate sky and DMP cloud layers, city lights below.