Project HighLights

Fallout 4 : The Wanderer Full Trailer

VFX Breakdown


Concept Art + Matte Painting

MY SHOTS include :
0:11 Vault Door Opens, : matte painting exterior environment
0:23 Water on the ground : matte painting Sky + Reflection + Billboard
0:24 Under the Broken Bridge : concept + matte painting + full projection
0:28 Attack of the Super Mutants : concept + matte painting
0:33 Seeing the Protectron : matte painting Sky Replacement
0:42 Power Armor Close Up : matte painting bg factory and pieces

Since I have joined PIXOMONDO TORONTO, being able to work on FALLOUT 4′s trailer was one of the most enjoyable thing i have done there! The video received such positive feedbacks everywhere with almost whooping 10mil views on youtube. Plus i love the game series! This was a truly wish come true. I handled many shots in the sequence from concept to finished mattes. :)

Some Befores and Afters

Please drag the slider on the image to view the comparison! :)